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difficulty with autofs mounting my home directory

I can't figure this out.. I want a consistant directory structure across
my network, and I want to have all my nfs-mounts using autofs4.

The problem:

I have my home directories under /share/acct/, and I have extra project
space from another server under /share/projects, and I have an mp3/ogg
archive on that same server under /share/music.

If I use the autofs package to mount the /share/acct export, it will
'hide' everything it doesn't manage under /share. So /share/projects and
/share/music will be hidden. Hidden from the nfs-server on this machine.

I discovered a partial workaround, by making autofs manage
/share/.autofs and symlinking /share/projects ->
/share/.autofs/projects, and /share/music -> /share/.autofs/music.
But if I do this with /share/acct -> /share/.autofs/acct, little things
break in annoying ways. The PS1 prompt in bash now displays
/share/.autofs/acct/idalton instead of ~ for my home PWD, for example.


Server tarot exports /share/acct to the rest of the network and exports
user accounts by NIS. Server heathen exports /share/projects and
/share/music to the rest of the network.

Server tarot needs to access heathen:/share/projects at /share/projects
and heathen:/share/music at /share/music.
Server heathen needs to access tarot:/share/acct at /share/acct WITHOUT
that PWD behaviour.

Workstation bicycle doesn't export anything out of its /share, so I can
just have autofs manage /share directly and not have any of these

So, what are the alternatives?

-- Ferret

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