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Re: Building from source

Sunil Thomas Thonikuzhiyil wrote:
  > Hello
  >   I have downloaded 
  >     somepackage..diff.gz
  >     somepackage.dsc
  >     somepackage.orig.tar.gz
  >  from incoming. Presently I have a potato  installation
  >  How do I make a deb file from the above
  >  TIA
  >  sunil 

cd /your/build/directory
dpkg-source -x /path/to/somepackage.dsc
cd somepackage-version  # just created in the build directory
dch -i   # edit the package release number and change the maintainer's
         # name to your own; best to add .0 after the current release
         # number so as not to get out of sync with 'official' versions

packages required:
any listed in debian/control under Build-Depends

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