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Re: Problems with printing

	Subject: Re: Problems with printing
	Date: Wed, May 02, 2001 at 06:59:34AM -0000

In reply to:vdemart@supereva.it

Quoting vdemart@supereva.it(vdemart@supereva.it):
> Well, Wayne, I don't really think a Debian potato distribution fails in a strategic and basic piece of software such as apsfilter. I rather think there's something wrong in my configuration relating to authorizations but I don't know where and what to manipulate. Perhaps I missed to define some special group, or whatever else.....
> What strikes me is that the test which apsfilterconfig suggests works great, while any following attempt to print dies unexpectedly.
> Any suggestion to fix it before eliminating apsfilter?
> Vittorio

Well I messed with it for a few hours and could never get it to print
anything as nice as the test page (which was really nice).  I read all
the docs but could not get the results I wanted on the printer.  I am
sure that it is a good package as many people do use it.  I just could
not get it working correctly.

That said, maybe someone else can point you to what need fixing.

Magicfilter took less then 5 minutes to get working and another few
minutes to set up a2ps and i was up and runing.  I needed a working
printer so I took the path of least resistance.

BTW, you should set your lines to a 70-72 char length for this list.

Good luck!  You should be getting responses from those who did get
apsfilter running.

Everyone can be taught to sculpt: Michelangelo would have had to be
taught how __not to.  So it is with the great programmers.

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