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Re: mbr / lilo ? what's my problem ?

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 11:04:06AM -0400, Paindavoine, Matthieu (MPAINDAV) wrote:
> Loading 1.........
> I don't quite understand what my problem is. Do I need to fix the MBR, or do
> I need to play with lilo?
> (I think it's option 2, because it goes like 
> Boot: MBR ---> LILO ---> Kernel,
> so if I got the lilo prompt, but it's not getting to the Kernel, then it
> should be a lilo pb)
> The solution would involve booting with a floppy, eg tom's, and fixing
> /etc/lilo.conf, rerunning lilo, and crossing my fingers while it reboots.
It looks like lilo can not locate files to me (Do not blame me if I am

I would rather use debian disk (FD/CD) to boot.  Try booting your system
and at prompt

boot: rescue root=/dev/hda1

hda1 shall be your real root.

If this works, run lilo after booting. 

Do not trust update program to run lilo if you update lilo or kernel.
(They should but why risk...)

Always run lilo before reboot whenever system is altered significantly.


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