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Re: problem with dpkg-buildpackage

At 988753708s since epoch (05/01/01 10:48:28 -0400 UTC), Jeremy Rosen wrote:
> I have a small problem with dpkg-buildpackage.
> I have a software I upgrade from time to time with cvs, which comes bundled with a debian directory containing everything to build the .deb archive.
> Usually, I just type dpkg-buildpackage in the proper directory, and everything is built correctly. But since a couple of days, dpkg gives me the following error
>   "invalid sign interface specified"
> I use the testing, qith a 2.4.3 kernel. I havn't studied (yet) how dpkg works, I usually use apt, but to build this software I just did what the readme told me.

I hit this yesterday when I was trying to build the nVidia drivers.  I found
that by adding a '-pgpg', it shut up and did its work correctly.

-p specifies a program to use for signing.  In this case, I specified 'gpg'
(GNU Privacy Guard), because I already had it installed.  PGP would work
just as well, I imagine.


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LogN Systems   |   http://www.logn.net/

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