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Re: spam here and there

Quoth Jaye Inabnit ke6sls, 
> I am getting this now in my private email here as well as via the debian-user 
> list. I assume my address came from this list. Are others on this list 
> getting this personally too?

Not only is this spammer spamming the list, they are harvesting email
addresses out of old list archives[1]. This is *very* annoying.

If you are using maildrop, add the following to your ~/.mailfilter

# Some arsehole spammer
if (/^Received: from .*hinet-ip\.hinet\.net/)

I'm sure someone will post the procmail equivalent.



[1] One of the nice things about using qmail is if you set up a
    .qmail-blah-default in ~alias then you can create an infinite number
    of disposable email addresses (say, to put in your signature for
    email address harvesters). When that address gets abused, just
    create the appopriate ~alias/.qmail-blah-whatever (with
    bouncesaying, for example), which will effectively kill that email
    address. Only useful, of course, if you control your own mail
    server. (props to Russ Nelson for the idea years about on the qmail
    mailing list.)

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