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Re: backup strategies

You mentioned a Windoze-PC, sh I'd suggest you make a separate partition on that one and do a "tar zcvf" to that partition. RAR for Linux might be an option as well...

It's faster than using a CD-RW and, for once, you'll make proper use of your windoze-machine ;-)

Jeroen Valcke <jeroen@valcke.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> After the not so pleasant adventures of last night (see my previous mail
> "unattached inode") I started realizing that instead of my root fs the
> problems could have occured on my home partition, destroying valuable
> data. I must admit I don't make backups on a regular basis. Now and then I
> copy some important files to another (win) pc on my home LAN.
> So I need better backup. What do you use?
> What kind of media? Tape, CD, second hd, ...
> How to backup? one full backup every month, incremental every week?
> The cd solution probably has an advantage, since I could use the cd-writer
> for other cd-writing too.
> Thanks for your thoughts.
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