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Re: USB keyboard os install

You should be able to get a proper boot diskette at:

Bear in mind that you'll HAVE to use the 2.4 kernel, if you need USB support.
Please follow my link and check the kernel-config file. You'll notice USB support and this entry: CONFIG_USB_KBD=m
I don't know if it is possible to change that toCONFIG_USB_KBD=y but I guess it's worth to try.

Good luck!
"Artem Litvinovich" <al867@columbia.edu> wrote:
> Hello Debian gurus,
> I'm back at my second attempt to install Debian. This time I do not have
> access to a PS2 keyboard, only a USB one. When I boot for the install from a
> floppy, my keyboard is not functioning.
> Is there a way to install debian w/ a USB keyboard? If so, how?
> Thanks,
> //Artem
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