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Re: ifhp does not do HP LaserJet II

It's been several years since I have used either, but I don't recall
there being much functional difference between a Laserjet and a
Laserjet II. I would recommend that he install magicfilter and choose


On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 05:02:29PM -0700, Robert Cymbala wrote:
> Hello,
> Package ``ifhp'' "is a general purpose filter for HP LaserJet III, IV
> and V series printers."
> What to do for an HP II?  Below is original question from a friend...
> I'll be sure to send John links to posted answer(s).   THANK YOU...
> "Robert, Do you have a link to a linux driver for an HP LaserJet II
> printer?  I've read HOWTO's until I'm cross-eyed.
> "I sent a query to HP.  They responded with 'We write no drivers for
> Linux', followed by a full page of disclaimers on why they are not
> responsible for all this information and why I can't sue them for this
> remarkable revelation.  :)) Tnx.  -John Way"

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