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Re: removing packages

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 04:12:33PM -0500, Brian Smith wrote:
> I mistakenly told the potatoe install routine to install everything on
> the 3 cd's I have, and I ran out of disk space (only have 1Gb).  I want
> to remove packages, do I use apt-remove or something like that ? I tried
> that and got an error due to a full hard disk, is there some manual
> process I will have to use to remove packages and physically delete
> them?

use "apt-get remove <whatever>" (apt-get is poorly named, for
this reason, just so you know t'ain't my fault) like so:

	apt-get remove kde gnome apache

and if you're determined to free up space, try

	apt-get --remove postgresql mysql emacs vim

which also takes a stab at zapping config files as well.

> I'm thinking about a fresh install as a last resort.

if you're just now getting up to speed (not been frobbing with
settings for a few months, for example) then a fresh install
should be No Big Deal.

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