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mutt's default colors (Potato)

When I use mutt on my Potato system without any color settings (that
is, no ~/.muttrc), the default colors are just about right. The
documentation on how to change the colors is adequate. When I run mutt
on my shell account at my ISP, there are no colors by default (that
is, with no ~/.muttrc). If I add some colors to my ~/.muttrc, the
colors do display properly, so it's not just a matter of my terminal
settings not supporting color.

Where are these default colors defined in the Potato mutt package? I
looked for some default muttrc file on my system, but couldn't find
one. Why might the mutt installed at my ISP not use any colors by
default, while my local one does? Is there a setting to "turn on
color" without actually specifying overrides of the defaults?

Steven E. Harris        :: seh@speakeasy.org
GnuPG                   :: 0x70248E67

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