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Re: NB : unsubscribing

on Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 10:58:00AM +0100, Colin Watson (cjw44@flatline.org.uk) wrote:
> Joris Lambrecht <jlambrec@landis.be> wrote:
> >Since this must be the first time i unsubscribe from debian-user (change o
> >jobs) i post a newbie question.
> For native English speakers, "NB" is short for the Latin "Nota Beni",
> and indicates an important piece of information. It's very confusing to
> use it for newbie questions, I think.
> >I've unsubscribed by posting to the adres mentioned at the bottom of each
> >mail.
> >I've even posted my adres on the webserver for unsubscribing and received
> >the proper confirmation mails. 
> >
> >STILL the list is sending me mail.
> Try mailing listmaster@lists.debian.org and asking what's wrong?

I've seen several posts regarding unsubscribing lately and am getting
the impression that the listmaster address isn't being closely
monitored.  If so, this isn't good, and has lead to some rather
impressive flameouts in the past.

In general, the contact information portion of the Debian website could
be substantially improved.  Anyone know how to find an officers list
from the front page without a priori knowledge?


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