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Re: X Window System - Mouse - Newbie Question

On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 09:38:14PM -0700, Anthony wrote:
> Thanks Tim,
> I got my mouse working with the GUI but when I start X it doesn't work.
> Also I can't quit X. I hit ctrl+alt+backspace and it quits and brings me to
> the text mode but than the log-in pops up again.
> It's like X just keeps trying to restart itself.
> Any ideas?

The reason that the mouse doesn't work in X is that you are probably
running gpm, which allows the mouse to be used in text mode.  You can
either remove gpm or configure /etc/gpm.conf to use repeat_type=raw and
configure XF86Config to use /dev/gpmdata to point to the repeated mouse
data instead of directly to the mouse.

The situation you have with X is the way that xdm works.  If you want
to get to a virtual console (text mode), hit ctrl-alt-F1.


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