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Re: Harddisk sugguestion?

Chun Kit Edwin Lau wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>         I am planning to buy a new harddisk about 10 - 20 GB. Is there any
> recommandations? I am using P3V4X motherboard from ASUS with VIA chipset (I
> heard there were some problems with this chipset) Anyway, an ATA66 harddisk
> is what I want but I guess ATA100 with ide card is welcome too. thanx
> everyone

i have the P3V4X and had trouble with DMA on the drives, with DMA off the
load would get to 10-20 when copying large files(P3-800 512MB at the time),
once i started using the promise ata100 controller instead of the via
onboard it worked great though.

p3v4x is a great board otherwise..as for hard drives the only drives i
will pay money for is IBM. quantum, seagate and others i would
use if the drive was free, i wouldn't pay for them though.


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