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offtopic (completely): linux games

dear all,

i know i'll get flamed for this, but i also happen to know that some of you
will greatly appreciate this information:

if you ever wanted to get quake III but didn't want to spend the (admittedly
hefty) price of $50 or $60, now is your chance to purchase it:

   quake 3 arena:      9.99
   descent 3:          9.99
   myth 2:             9.99
   heretic 2:          9.99
   heavy gear 2:       9.99
   soldier of fortune: 9.99
   railroad tycoon 2:  9.99
   eric's solitaire:   9.99

http://www.ebgames.com/    search on "linux"

these are INCREDIBLE prices.  if loki sales get good enough, maybe some day
we'll get diablo or (native) halflife for linux.   :-)

sorry, but people like me who refuse to run a dual-boot computer (refuse to
fork over $$$ to the evil empire) rely on loki software for recreation.  :)


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