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scp trouble(potato)

this only happens on 1 machine..(i run a couple dozen potato 
servers/workstations), when trying to scp to or from it i get this:

aphro@aphro:~$ scp aphro@xxx.xxx.xxx:/home/aphro/window.xwd .
aphro@xxx.xxx.xxx's password: 
Linux xxx.xxx.xxx 2.2.18 #1 Fri Jan 26 15:45:53 PST 2001 i686 unknown
aphro@aphro:~$ Write failed flushing stdout buffer.
write stdout: Broken pipe

after that i hit <enter> and get a new prompt on the local machine. 
yesterday i removed and purged ssh and reinstalled and the problem 
persists. I am running ssh 1.2.3-9.2. when im logged into that machine
(its my desktop at work) i can scp to/from other machines all day 
long, just can't scp files from my desktop when im logged into a 
remote machine. everything is up to date. i can ssh into the host 
no problem. other then scp the machine is rock solid, 30 desktops, 
200+ processes running 24/7 uptime of 59 days..so i don't think its a 
memory/cpu/kernel/something major, as everything else operates 

it's not a major problem just an annoyance, anyone know what it might
be? the only 3rd party apps i have installed are kde 2.0 from 
kde.tdyc.com (real old ones).  i noticed not long ago someone
put copies of ssh on kde.tdyc.com which hosed one of my machines
until i removed kde.tdyc.com from sources.list and reinstalled
ssh from the official mirrors ..but i haven't had kde.tdyc.com
in sources.list for ages.



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