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Re: Help! Accidentally started deleting /usr

Quoting will trillich (will@serensoft.com):
> I've seen folks deride the use of
> 	alias rm 'rm -i'

Absolutely. Just train yourself to type -i for rm, mv, cp...

> If that is the case, then why not
> 	mv /bin/rm /bin/e-rad-i-cate

and break all the scripts.

OTOH there's nothing to prevent you from using an alias for rm -i
which is not a command (erase comes to mind) and using that.

BTW another trick for deleting files more safely if you use rm -i is
rm -i whatever/*
and when you've checked that the first few are OK (i.e. you didn't
type rm -i whatever/ *), press ^C, recall the command and precede
with <space> yes |
(the <space> assumes that this will prevent the line going into your


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