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Re: Partition recommendations for dual boot installation???

> > less room for /var
> Don't make it too small, apt-get stuffs the debs there when you switch
> from, e.g., potato to woody, can be several 100 MBs. So yes, for a
> workstation it's probably best to have /var /tmp and /usr on one huge
> partition

Yes its true you need a cache there.. but as you can see in my working

/dev/hda6              1007936    386496    570236  40% /var

I am only using 40% and as you can see:

bash-2.03$ du -s /var/cache/apt/archives/
189756	/var/cache/apt/archives

It is not too much.. I run every week apt-get update; apt-get
upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade.. and I doubt I will run into troubles.

So maybe I would run into troubles if I wanted to go unstable and I had to
download hundreds of new packages... meantime those free 500 MGbytes are
very stable and maybe it is too much..



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