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Re: Fvwm2rc

on Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 08:05:37AM +0200, Ales Jerman (ales@qube.skps.net) wrote:
> Hello!
> How to tell Fvwm2 to run Netscape at startup? 


> And how to tell it to restart Fvwm2, when Netscape is closed? 

    cat <<EOF > .xinitrc
    fvwm2 &

> Is there a way for xdm to login from a script. So I would give
> username and passwd in one file , so I will not have to type it in
> every time?

xdm isn't the tool you want.  And what you want isn't recommended.
You're encouraged to investigate X and the system initalization process,
with security ramifications, to determine what you do or don't want to

Are you perhaps designing or implementing a public-access kiosk?

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