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Ted Gervais wrote:
> Well I finally got the KDE stuff loaded unto my newly installed Debian
> System. And it works well. However, how do I change things so KDE desktop is
> the default. Right now it is FVWM??  I thought it might be in a file called
> .xinit, or .xsession etc in my users directory but not so..

  the answer depends on exactly what you want, my guess is that you want
kde session manager (it starts kde WM and the rest of kde desktop). I am
not sure which package it is in, but I know it got somehow installed on
my machine - you should probably use someting like kde-task ...

  once you have a session manager it will be started rather then window
manager (which is a problem because sometime you might want to have
session manager installed but start a window manager)

  check the files under /etc/X11 to see how the whole thing works.

  if you have more than one session manager you might want to use:

  update-alternatives --config x-session-manager


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