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Re: Howto setup eth0

"Jeff Levy - jeff@meta-craft.com" wrote:

> i assume your dsl provider is using dhcp, i could be wrong.
> if it is, grab a package called "pump", unless it's already installed. if
> you don't know, su to root (type 'su', enter password), type "pump", press
> enter. if you don't get an error, run "ifconfig" ... you should see eth0
> if you don't have eth0 at this point, or have  a static ip, try
> ifconfig eth0 up [your ip addres] (minus the brackets, of course)

Oh, thanks for that.  I did that and it worked.  I already had pump installed.

ifconfig eth0 up ***.***.***.***  worked and brought up the interface.

But I am confused as to why I don't have the file /etc/init.d/network  which is
mentioned in the documentation I have been reading?  It is obviously a script
which brings up the interface at bootup.

What package should I install which creates this script?  I remember answering
questions about networking when I installed but I think I skipped them or
something and now don't know how to re-do them.



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