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RE: Why does gnome pager no longer iconize open apps on the

panel bar
From: Bruce Mobarry <bmobarry@uidaho.edu>
Date: 02 Apr 2001 14:18:23 -0700
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Hi Rick,

When you right click for the menu in Blackbox, you should see apps,
blackbox, etc. under the blackbox submenu, are configuration, styles,
and workplaces submenus. Iconified windows are in the "icons" submenu
here. Just click on it to restore the inconified window of
choice. HTH, Bruce

Bruce Mobarry, Ph.D.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844-0904

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From: Rick Commo [mailto:Rick.Commo@verizon.net]
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2001 4:27 PM
To: Debian User
Subject: RE: Why does gnome pager no longer iconize open apps on the
panel bar

I am also interested in this idea for slightly different reasons.  I
reinstalled potato on Friday night.  Saturday got tired of WindowMaker and
installed Enlightenment.  Didn't like the funny "windows" - two on the left
and one the right.  Perhaps they were pagers.  At any rate from that point
on, any window that I iconized just disappears, even though its process is
still alive.

Later changed to blackbox and later still ended up installing Ximian Gnome.
When I iconize the window it goes *somewhere*, but haven't been able to
figure out where, or how to get it back yet.

Any ideas?  Are John and I suffering from the same malady?


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