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Re: SOLVED! Apache mod_perl + mod_cgi in same directory

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 04:32:34PM -0500, Robert A. Jacobs wrote:
> Caveats:  This is not the most secure solution in the world.  If you do not
> personally know your users, as I do, and/or you do not trust them, I suggest 
> you stick with the Apache recommended approach of creating a cgi-bin and/or
> perl-bin directories and only allow cgi's served out of those directories.
> Since my webserver is for development purposes, I wanted greater flexibility.

You should never allow mod_perl access to people you don't trust
unless you are prepared to run an unpriviledged instance of apache for
each mod_perl user.  This gets ugly in a hurry since you have to do
proxy or redirects from the port 80 apache.

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