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Re: do you know what may cause depmod: unresolved symbol?

Mathias wrote:

  When I dpkg  -i  kernel-image242.deb
I got error about  depmod : Unresolved symbol

Do you know how to fix that?

Hi Eric! This error means that depmod is not shure whether it can use this
symbol (part of a module like parameters). It can have much causes. I think
you should give a more detailed report of your trouble.


I can not fully remember, unless I run that again,
what ever the result is I have to manually run modprobe, especially at kernelimage242-k7 with static ip up web, I lose http(ftp is work, but since that reason it make me suspect regular webserver, ftp server, mail server, internet server, etc is on or not), also it did not recogize my cdrecord -scanbus can not open scsi driver, (which is work in 2.2.18) so I modprobe ide-scsi(is that the right way to insert driver?), then using lsmod to check it is there, it still error at cdrecord -scanbus also do you know where i s sound module of via686a ?( I can not know the driver name unless I use mandrake 8 beta2's harddrake to check)


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