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FYI: webmin is back in Debian

webmin 0.85 was just installed into unstable yesterday.  Another upload
was made this evening, it should show up in the archive tomorrow.  Of
course my mail server took that moment to crash which is why I'm sending
this note now.

To use it you will need to install the following packages:

1.  Either webmin or webmin-ssl (webmin-ssl is preferred, it will give you
    greater security.)

2.  webmin-core.  (Some basic services)

3.  one or more packages to admin various services i.e webmin-apache for
    apache, webmin-postfix for postfix etc.

For potato users, I've made packages available at the following apt source

deb http://www.braincells.com/pub/debian/Local potato/
deb-src  http://www.braincells.com/pub/debian/Local potato/

I apologize for the long wait in getting this package ready, I could have
released a half-assed version long time ago, but I felt that Debian users
deserved only the best.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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