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Re: Cable for home network?

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 09:28:04PM -0800, Nate Amsden wrote:
> Abner Gershon wrote:
> > 
> > I am planning a home ethernet with one Windows and one
> > Linux Potatoe computer with a hub. My installed
> > ethernet cards are 10/100 and I would like to use the
> > higher 100 speed system. My cable options are 100 kHz
> > or Cat 5e in either: "PVC solid cable" or "Plenum
> > solid cable" or "Stranded cable" or Cat 6e in PVC
> > solid cable. The maximal cable distance would be 100
> > feet. Any recommedations? Thanks.
> I've been told that you shouldn't use stranded cable
> if your going longer then 20 feet, it starts to lose
> signal. so if your going 100 feet or even 50 i would
> for sure use solid core. pvc should be fine for your
> needs if its only 1 or 2 cables. if its a lot of cables
> and you want to adhere to fire code you may need plenum.

Plenum cable is only required if you're running your cable through a
space which is used as a return-air plenum in a HVAC system. This is
normally the space above a drop ceiling in a modern commerical building.

You're not likely to see this in a home. Save your money and go for
the PVC solid core. Besides, the insulation on some types of plenum
wire can be a PITA to work with.

Why special plenum cable? When PVC burns, it emits a lot of highly
toxic smoke, which could be spread throughout a building through the
HVAC system.

your pal dave

Dave Thayer
Denver, Colorado USA

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