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Re: Cable for home network?

Nate Amsden wrote (on 31 Mar 2001, at 21:28):

> signal. so if your going 100 feet or even 50 i would
> for sure use solid core. pvc should be fine for your


> cables or if you make your own be sure to crimp em
> right, a couple of my friends learned the wrong way
> and they made me a few cables but they didn't work
> worth shit if the length was more then 15feet. for me
> i always buy premade cables as i can't crimp worth shit
> either.

Solid core takes different RJ45 crimps from stranded, and you're 
likely to get the wrong ones because solid-wire cable almost 
never gets a plug crimped on it: it gets clipped into a patch 
panel or a wall jack. If you crimp a normal plug on solid cable, 
you will have a connection in the beginning, but it won't last. 
The best thing is to connect your solid-wire cable to a surface-
mount wall jack--and do screw that to the wall--then use pre-
crimped patch cables. That way your network can stand being 
plugged and unplugged a few hundred times.

If most of your computers are in one room, of course, you'd want 
to put the switch there and just run patch cables (up to 15') to 
the NICs.


-- Tony Crawford
-- tc@crawfords.de
-- +49-3341-30 99 99

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