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Re: pyton & perl

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
>    Oh, I didn't say this one tied your hands, except for the fact
>that I find it more difficult to make my code readable, because I
>can't just split lines wherever it's logical to do so.

Can't just split lines in Python?  Splitting lines where it's logical
to do so is possible.  Here's a sample, created with CPython mode in
Emacs.  The entire script is at:

 131            # Create an "alias" down to the sent layer.
 132            self.info['data'][
 133                self.info['roll_number_max']][
 134                'sent'] = {}
 135            sent = self.info['data'][
 136                self.info['roll_number_max']][
 137                'sent']

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