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Ok...found modversions.h...two questions

Hey all, 

First off, thanks for the help on modversions.h.  I tried make
oldconfig...that didn't work...so I installed the headers and that
worked.  But question: should I combine the headers/include directory into
the source directory?  Or just leave it separate? (b/c they are definately

Secondly, I moved on from making the Nvidia kernel to making the Nvidia
GLX.  However, during the make install, I got this error:
rm: cannot remove '//usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libGLcore.*': Not a

and indeed it is right - blahblah/extensions is a 500k file.  Any
suggestions?  Does this mean I'm using an older version of X than I
should?  And how should I upgrade then...dselect? (I coulda sworn I ran an
apt-get upgrade (or update...both of them actually)

Thanks! (tears out a little less hair:))

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