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Re: Installation problem for a new user

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Nikhil Khedkar wrote:

> Hello,
>      I tried to install Debian GNU/Linux v2.2, code named Potato; that was distributed with Networking Computing Magazine(Linux Special).
>      I faced the following problems:
> While installing, when the system tried to switch to Graphics mode, the screen went blank. The system hanged. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't work. I had to reset the system.
You can switch between consoles with ctrl+alt+F<n>. Usually, F7 is the
graphics mode. When X (graphics mode) hangs, you can try to press
ctrl+alt+backspace. That will kill X and give you back textmode.

> 1)I am not able to run any application including man, vi, wvdial,
XF86setup etc. The error given is The file system is Read Only. Cannot
create a temporary file. This problem is solved after re installing the
O.S. again.

Perhaps an error during install?

> 2)How do I get the information abt the Sound card on my machine? The
article says, you should have this information. I am never asked abt that.

There are various methods about this. First you need to know what kind of
soundcard you have. Then, for ISA cards, you need to know the io, irq and
dma channels. The esiest way to find out is by looking in winsloze for the
info (if you have it installed). You can in Linux take a look at
/proc/interrupts, /proc/ioports, /proc/dma to see which are already taken.

Then when the installer asks you to configure device drivers (or run
'modconf' as root later), go to the section misc and select the soundcard
(or chipset/compatible) and give the parameters (usally like: io=0x220
irq=9 dma=1 dma16=0).

If you have installed kernel-source-docs (apt-get install
kernel-source-docs, I belive) you can have a look at the kernel
documentation. It is usually in
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/sound/<pickyourcard>. I have no experience
with this packed, so this one is for you. Read the doc in it, it contains
sometimes valuable information.

There is also a package called 'sndconfig' floating around somehwere, but
AFAIK it is not a part of the official Debian distribution.

Of course all this will go much simpler if you have a PCI card. 

> 3)As per the article, the Debian Archive path is /instmnt. I never
found any directory by that name. Infact I have to find it out. The
directory was /dists/potato/main/disks-i386.

Only during first stage installation. Flip to the secound screen, press
enter and you see a directorytree. Your root filesystem is mounted on
/target, your CDROM and so are mounted on /instmnt. You can do stuff here
if the install program does not do what you want.

> 4)I can only boot from floppy disk. I cannot boot from Harddisk. When I
hold down the Shift key at startup, I am not asked LILO boot. In fact
some weird thing is asked MBR 1FA? I cannot type anything here. I have to
press enter, which loads windows.

You have to edit /etc/lilo.conf and run 'lilo'. Add an entry like:

and enable the 'prompt' option. You can adapt much here for your boot
> My system is:
> PII 350
> O.S. : win 98 and trying to install Linux on a 1.1 GB harddisk partition
> Hard Disk : 8.4 GB (Total)
> RAM : 64 MB
> Graphics Card : Sis 6326 (8 MB)
> Sound card : Yamaha 32 bit (I don't know anything else abt the card except this)
> Monitor : Samtron 45Bn
> X server just crashes!!!!
> When I try configuring X server, I get many card options for my
card(SiS 6326).How do I know which one is mine?
Just try. The most important thing is to know the horizontal and vertical
refresh rates of your monitor. When you have that correct, you won't blow
up your monitor. You can always escape X by ctrl+alt+backspace.

You can configure X by running 'anXious' or install an alternative
apt-get install xf86config

Run 'Superprobe -no16' for some more information about your card. Run
xf86config for configuration. You can install you correct X server with
apt-get install xserver-<servername>  (like xserver-svga)


> Regards,
>     Nikhil
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