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Re: Installation problem for a new user

> While installing, when the system tried to switch to Graphics mode, the
> screen went blank. The system hanged. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't work. I had to
> reset the system.

Ctrl+Alt+backspace is the combination for killing the X server (leaving graphics mode when it does not work).

> When I try configuring X server, I get many card options for my card(SiS
> 6326).How do I know which one is mine?

What are the options in particular that you don't know? Be a little more precise.
You should read http://www.xfree86.org/3.3.6/
or http://www.xfree86.org/4.0.2 or whatever version you have.
I have this card here and it does not work with 24 bits color depth. Use 16 bit instead.

> Sound card : Yamaha 32 bit (I don't know anything else abt the card except

The kernel module ymfpci proably works for this sound card.

A good way to get information is reading mailing list archives. You can search this list's archive at http://lists.debian.org/search.html Although I must say I often have problems with that search engine. Sometimes it does not return results on words that are in the archives.

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