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Re: OT : Anti Virus Software for Linux

Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
>         Hi Nate,
>         What mcaffe product do you use?
>         Does it work in Debian?
>         We want to implement some AV in a debian mail potato server.
>         Thanks,         PH

I use mcafee virusscan for linux. the only downside is it's linked against
libc5. but it works good. they update often. i will also be using 
sophos antivirus very soon(bought it today), i used the eval back in
december '00 and it worked very well too. i also used AVP and it also
worked well. for the email side of it i use amavis (amavis.org) its
a decent scanner, but its slower then some others so you may need
more beefy hardware if your doing a lot of traffic. e.g. i just got
a dual p3-866 512MB with dual 15000rpm drives in raid0 mainly to handle
the load of antivirus scanning. the MTA i use is sendmail 8.9.3 and
i also use sendmail 8.11.3.

if you want names/emails of the sales guys ive been dealin with i can
give em to you. it was difficult to track down someone to sell me
mcafee for linux. oh and all of my mail servers are potato.


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