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Re: Audio CD DAO recording

># Pipe ripped songs over to cdrdao using the 'toc' generated above
>cdda2wav -q -D 0,0,0 -t 1 -d 5000 -O cdr -C guess -E big - |    \
>    cdrdao write --paranoia-mode 1 --driver generic-mmc:0x20000 \
>          --device 0,1,0 --buffers 64 --speed 4 --eject /tmp/cd.toc

I think this is your problem, the piping over, your system is way over the spec of the one I'm using without a single coaster.

if you've got the disk space get the wav's onto harddrive.. i use:

#cdparanoia -s -B

but i'm sure there are other ways.

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