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Re: Still can't get fetchmail to run as user "mail"

Henrique M Holschuh wrote:

> Does user mail have 'x' permissions to the /etc/ppp directory?
> I'd suggest you use /var/spool/mail to place .fetchids and /etc/fetchmail as
> the place for the config though (notice that /etc/fetchmailrc will trigger
> the initscripts, while /etc/fetchmail will not).

Ahhh.  That was it exactly.  I did exactly what you suggested.  Now it works.
It runs as user "mail" and delivers the mail no probs to the only user on the

>You probably need a '-' somewhere in that su line, or you'll run as user
>mail with the environment settings for root (which might confuse fetchmail.
>I don't know for sure).

Here is the line I used:
su - -c '/usr/bin/fetchmail --fetchmailrc /etc/fetchmail --idfile
/var/spool/mail/.fetchids' mail
it does have the - in there.
>Also, make damn sure user mail has group mail as its primary (default)
How do I check this?

Here is what my /etc/passwd file shows:

Is that correct?

Thanks Henrique.  It works!  and I have learnt something!


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