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some question about configure DVD

Dear experience dvd linux user:

libcss download from linuxvideo.org have no bootstrap or autogen.sh, so ./configure complain about system clock
  xine 4.01  .tgz  's make seem a infinite loop non stop, after ./configure

I also follow the instruction of web site

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.linuxvideo.org:/cvs/livid
cvs login      (no password needed)
cvs -z3 co libcss
when second comand entered, it prompt cvs password:   I hit contrl c
then after third command be entered, it just hung there forever.
In Mandrake8 beta1, it do can down load a directory that have bootstrap

complete css dvd plug in . tgz when I will untar it , it complain have future time stamp 3-2-2001 , then hung there forever, not extract files.

I am using 2.2.18,  K7 , Toshiba SD R1002 DVD-cd-cdr-cdrw combo with ati
xpert 98

my x probably is 4.0.2( I am not sure, how to know what version of x server? I instll progeny rc2 -i386 by 3-21-2001's iso with 2 souce iso, if someone also download and install them, hope to communicate with , that one I upgrade to 2.4.2 kernel, losing dhcpcd network connect, I also have static isp from qwest but keep can not configure up )

need help

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