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Re: running lynx

Simmons-Davis <simmonsdavis@frontier.net> wrote:

> Dear Debian Group,
> I am unable to run lynx on the Debian 2.2r2 system I recently installed.
> After I run "wvdial", connect to my ISP, hit "cntrl z" and then type the
> command "lynx" at the command prompt (all as root) I get the following
> errors (I have also set http://www.debian.org as my start page for lynx
> during the initial configuration, is it incorrect to have a remote host as
> my startpage?):
> debian:~# lynx
> Looking up www.debian.org
> Unable to locate remote host www.debian.org.
> Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host.
> lynx: Can't access startfile http://www.debian.org/
> debian:~#
> Please advise me as to how to get lynx working. Thank you very much for your
> time and energy.

I think you're breaking your connection with the ctrl-z so the
reason for the lynx error simply is that you have no connection
to the internet. Instead run wvdial like this:

   nohup wvdial>/dev/null 2>&1 &




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