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Re: Hepl, please, I broke my sound :-(

On Sat, Mar 24, 2001 at 05:47:36PM -0500, Stan Brown wrote:
> I have a new machine that I am setting up. It has a Creative Labs Sound Balster PCI
> 16 sound card in it.
> I installed a minimal "stable" system, and then pointed my apt-get source to the
> Progeny RC1. Then I installed thier RC1.
> Almost everythign worked flawlesy, including sound.
> Now I have been playing around with kernel compiles and ading software with dselect
> in an atempt to get frambuffer support working and my WinTV card working. 
> Somewhere along the way I broke sound copletly. I have backed up to what I think
> was a version of the kernel that I had sound working on. I was able to access
> sounds from the Gnome envrionment before, and now i can't.
> Could some kind soul tell me what kernel modules I should have installed, and what
> software should be installed to make this work? I remeber something about alsa, but
> I'm not certain if it was there, or I installed it with dselect. Could that have
> broken my sound?

I have the same card and it uses -

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