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Re: Gnome panels disappeared after installing versions from testing/unstable. How do I manage this?

John Foster <jfoster@augustmail.com> writes:

> I installed the latest upgrades fron both testing & unstable (not a
> production system) and there are 2 bits of wierdness that I have not
> seen before. When I start up my system the sequence is to use gdm to
> load enlightenment and gnome. When the desktop starts up it now has no
> panels. Before the last update the panels would try to start then die
> with a segfault. I filed a bug report and 2 days later a new version
> appeared. But, Now the panels do not try to start. I tried putting "exec
> gnome-session" in .xsession but the panels still did not start. Any
> ideas?? Thanks!

I had the same problem last week; first the panels segfaulted, then they
wouldn't start at all. This was all with the same debian release of
gnome-panel. I ended up blowing away my entire .gnome and starting fresh :-(
But, it works fine now, although I still don't have all of my
customizations back in place.

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