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Re: How can I start from a terminal instead of gdm

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 09:20:40AM -0500, Andrew D Dixon wrote:

hi there,

> Does anyone know how I can start from a terminal instead of gdm?  When X
> starts it's locking up my keyboard and mouse so I need to disable it on boot
> up.  I don't have a boot disk (of course) so I'm looking for a solution
> other than the obvious.

my quick(?)&dirty solution :

- switch to a txt-console with ctrl-alt-F1
- su -
- apt-get remove gdm 
(and actually this will already let you start in txt-mode after reboot)
- init 3
- solve your probs with mouse and keyboard
- apt-get install gdm
- gdm

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