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Re: audio cd's

>> #cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=4 -v -dao -eject defpregap=1 -audio *.wav
>never used defpregap myself, yet.  IIRQ some cdplayers could have
>problems with non standard gaps.  Have you tried without dao and

ok i'll try... i thought DAO was needed for audio but i guess thats what -audio is for...

>> which looked fine, and plays on my computer, only not on my stereo (which says "No Disc").. i HAVE read the manual but would appreciate any pointers you guys might have.
>Just a wild guess: are you using rewritables?
>Rewritables are very picky.

first time i used plain CD-R, second CD-RW.. anything i can do to make them happy?

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