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Re: Quality free VCD/DVD player?

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, csj wrote:

> You didn't say why you weren't impressed. But I know of only one 
> Loki's smpeg-plaympeg and it only plays VCDs.

I wasn't because none of them were able to playback a simple commercial
VCD. It's a copy of Lain, a popular anime. The only program that
didn't crash was MTV. Sad day for free software :( And MTV didn't
work in full screen mode.

I didn't try out smpeg-plaympeg but interfaces to smpeg did crash.
I looked at mpegorion, xine and a norton vcd, well something like
that. Anyway, I didn't catch one that is as good as MTV yet.

I have to use windows now to watch this VCD.

Any one of you had the chance to try out oms?


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