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kde and fonts

I may be missing something obvious here.... or maybe there's a bug in

Debian unstable
XFree 4.0.2
xfs server
xfstt server (for true type fonts)
latest kde revision (I think now it's kde 2.1.0) from unstable packages

Although I have lots of fonts installed in my system and although X
seems to be configured correctly (these fonts are available in
applications such as GIMP and Netscape), I seem to be stuck with half a
dozen "ugly" fonts in KDE. Konsole and the terminal application in
Konqueror are essentially unusable on my system due to problems with the

Is anyone aware of a problem with the latest kde packages??? (everything
was fine with kde 2.0) Or is there something I need to configure within
KDE??? How does one tell KDE where to look for fonts anyway??? (no
directory can be specified from the built-in font manager).

Thank you.


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