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Re: Moving /boot to diferent partition

> Hello
> I am currently currentlly running /boot from its own parition. I wish to
> make some changes in the partition setuo on my machine which requires
> moving it to the root partition and later back to a new seperate
> partition.
> I am running a dual system win2k/linux(debian)
> The current partition setup (relevant ones):
> hda1: fat32
> hda2: boot
> hda5: fat32
> hda9: root
> I wan't to unite hda1 and hda5 into one partition which requires moving
> hda2 out of the way and later recreating it after the united partition.
> I am using lilo as the boot manager, installed on hda2 at the moment, not
> the MBR (I think at list, when I change the active partition to win2k it
> boots correctly).
>  How do I do this?

Basically you want to backup the relevant fs (perhaps tar.gz them), make your 
changes and put them back again.
However you have to mess here with Linux fs and with Win fs. Hoefully the MS 
fs can be tar.gz as the Linux one. If that is the case then I would continue 
Hard Disk Upgrade Mini-HOWTO.

Another note is to look for parted. But I do not know how stable it is.

Hope this helps.

> Thank you
> Micha
> michf@post.tau.ac.il
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