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Re: Who can recommend me a news reader?

I like slrn, it's easy to setup, just copy the .slrnrc.gz files to your home
directory, edit and download a list of news groups. Oh, you need jed editor
installed for standard .rc settings.


Andre Berger [uzscd5@uni-bonn.de] wrote:
> On 20010305 17:57 +0100, Stephen Rueger wrote:
> > Has anyone a recommendation for a console-news reader that looks as
> > much as possible like slrn or mutt, but caches the subjects?
> I use mutt 1.3.15i with nntp-patch. You can get it for example at
> <http://packman.links2linux.de/index.php4?action=045>, a .deb is at
> <ftp://ftp.links2linux.de>. Be sure to also grab the associated perl
> nntp client (see the first link), and install it for example as
> "/usr/local/lib/site_perl/News/NNTPClient.pm". When you've installed the
> .deb, do "chgrp mail /usr/bin/mutt_dotlock; chmod 2755
> /usr/bin/mutt_dotlock" after the installation. 
> Use "i" to get the news. It works fine, unless you try to retrieve an
> article and the connection is lost (e.g. ppp finished meanwhile). Mutt
> hangs in this case and has to be killed.
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