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Re: manually installing mozilla plugins

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 10:17:51AM -0500, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:
> In the case of the java plugin (java.xpi), manual installation is a
> pretty simple matter.  Put java.xpi in $MOZILLA_HOME/plugins and unzip
> it (with the 'unzip' command).  Rename the resulting directory to
> 'java2'.  I don't know if that's actually necessary, but that's what the
> mozilla auto-installer does.  Then run
> ln -s java2/plugin/i386/ns600/libjavaplugin_oji.so .
> Java will now work.

Apparently Java and Mozilla simply refuse to exist on my box.  Since I
can seem to download the jre.xpi and since the auto installation has
failed with every build I've tried since M18, I can only assume it is

I downloaded the j2re-1_3_0_01-linux.bin file from java.sun.com and
installed it using the built-in script.  I then created the sym-link as
detailed above.  Started Mozilla and all it registered was the null
plugin.  Both Java and Shockwave are not recognized.  I know the routine
will find plugins as the Blackdown Java plugin for NS 4.x causes an
error and Mozilla terminates.

I've even tried setting MOZILLA_HOME to the proper path manually and
still no joy.  Going to a page with Java only causes Mozilla to prompt
to download the plugin, which I've done several times with the same
results as now.  I thought about installing the M18 package and seeing
if that works, but thought I'd try this first.  Right now I am using
Mozilla 0.8 from the tar.gz package and Potato.


- Nate >>

> Flash is even easier.  The flash archive contains 2 important files:
> ShockwaveFlash.class and libflashplayer.so.  Just put them in
> $MOZILLA_HOME/plugins and re-start mozilla.  Check the debugging output
> when starting mozilla and you'll see that it detects the new plugins.

Not here...

> Often, however, a site won't detect flash simply because you're running
> mozilla and it doesn't know how to handle the user-agent string (or
> something braindead like that).  So it assumes that you're using a
> completely incapable browser.  Often sites will have a link that allows
> you to get their flash content even if they don't detect the flash
> plugin.
> This method has been working for me since...I dunno, several months ago,
> and I update mozilla with a nightly build once a week or so.

Must be nice... :(

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