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Re: OT: Best Mac list info Mac OS X?

Aaron Hall wrote:
> Two OS X lists that I subscribe to are:
> http://www.themacintoshguy.com/lists/X4U.html
> and
> http://www.omnigroup.com/community/mailinglists/macosx-admin/

I tried the latter. I don't want two. Is this the best choice for one?
And I tried the talk version.

> As a long-time Mac diehard and a developing unix geek, I am excited about
> OS X. (But I've found I really like Debian...)

I love Debian but I have a must have app that runs under Mac. With mac
OSX it could mean adding a little notebook to my present Debian  system...


/* Jonathan Gift 
jgift@wanadoo.fr */

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