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Re: setgid: Operation not permitted


Hm, the mail you mentioned must have been read by the quickread key "D"
(as delete). Commenting out the pam_limits.so in /etc/pam.d/cron and
/etc/pam.d/ssh did the trick. Thanx,


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Colin Watson wrote:

> Martin Fluch <fluch@pcu.helsinki.fi> wrote:
> >since the last update of unstable I've problems with some programs (cron,
> >sshd till now). For example I'm not able to remotely login to my box, I
> >just get the error message: "setgid: Operation not permitted". Cron
> >produces this output at some intervals in the logs. Anybody else with this
> >problem? Which package is responsible for this (libc6?), where should the
> >bug report go to? Some solutions?
> See my post last night called "Warning: libpam-modules 0.72-15", which
> has a workaround. There's already been a bug report.

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