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Re: OT: Best Mac list info Mac OS X?

Two OS X lists that I subscribe to are:




The last is for system administration. There are more lists at
omnigroup.com, and I believe there are some at stepwise.com as well, but I
don't remember. Both the lists above carry a good amount of unix traffic.

There's also:


...which is more of a low-level list. ("Darwin" in this case essentially
means the Mach kernel plus the BSD stuff, not so much the higher-level OS
X GUI and services.)

As a long-time Mac diehard and a developing unix geek, I am excited about
OS X. (But I've found I really like Debian...)

- Aaron

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Jonathan Gift wrote:

> Hi,
> Curious as to what they've done there. Anyone know of a good list where
> they're talking about it?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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> jgift@wanadoo.fr */
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