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Re: missing char-major-10-135

also sprach Osamu Aoki (on Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:28:29PM -0800):
> I guess this is to /etc/modutils/aliases.  


> But who is responsible making this entry? Me or some postinst script?  

nope. you are dealing with kernel options. that's underneath debian.
so it's all you.

> I only edit /etc/modules to enable some modules manually (scsi-ide,...)
> but I was not anticipating to do this manually to /etc/modutils/aliases.  
> I thought that was only when I compile my kernel.  Is this IDE kernel thing?

not IDE at all. it is a kernel thing. you either alias
char-major-10-135 off, or you roll your own kernel with module rtc.o.


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