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From Sid --> Woody

Hey fellas,
there's the following:
some time ago, before de pkg pools, I was using the unstable distro fine
(it was woody). But then the pkg pools came, n even knowing I'd have to
live on the edge, have all my pkgs broken, circular dependency problems
n all stuff, I decided to keep using the unstable. But now there r some
problems appearing, I'm having some changes at home and so I simply
can't stay with something unstable anymore... the woody distro would be
fine. But how can I come back to woody? My last dist-upgrade was about
only 2 days...
Am I fucked up or is it still a light in the end of the tunnel?
thx folks, bye

btw. should I simply grab all my old packages, on the
/var/cacha/apt/archives (which is currently big) and reinstall by hand
(of course, also changing my sources.list to woody...)?
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